Dear Alexandria POS Software user,

If you are willing to send us a picture of our software, on your POS computer, in your business environment, we are willing to pay you in a form of a $100 or a $200 certificate for our website’s shop ( Read all the way to the end of this page to find out who gets $200 and who gets $100.

This is not a photo contest where a few win while most lose, no, in this offer every participant gets $100 or $200! Everyone wins, it is not a luck-draw. We simply want to reward all of the participants for the use of their pictures.

On top of getting paid for your picture, we can include your business’ name and location, so to feature and advertise your business by posting it on our website and our facebook acocunt.

Obviously there may be pictures that may not pass professional standards, like very poor quality/resolution pictures or pictures showing controversial products or use, pictures that we feel we cannot show and consider not complimenting to our professional image, etc… So only the accepted pictures will get paid and used by us. Upon receiving the picture we will immediately inform you whether or not we will accept your picture or if we find it unusable for professional purposes.

Please understand that the a $100 or a $200 payment is in a form of a website certificate and it can only be used in our website’s shop and absolutely nowhere else. Our Website’s shop contains our products, not services, so the certificate will only work for purchasing products, not services. Our website is
Also please understand that the $100 or $200 certificate cannot be used to request refunds on old purchases (it can only be used on new purchases that will occur after obtaining the certificate).
Read all the way to the end of this page to find out who gets $200 and who gets $100.


– The quality of the picture does not need to be very high, normal family-picture quality is accepted and encouraged (as long as it is not low quality). Cell phone pictures are great.
– The picture must show the log-in screen OR the main-selling-screen of our software, on the monitor of your POS system/computer.
– The picture must show more than just the computer, it must show the background of your business or at least your checkout-counter with its background (not just a zoomed-in computer).
– Pictures do not have to have people in them, however; a picture with a person that is using the POS system, will receive $200 (photos without people will receive $100). That is $200 for all accepted pictures with a person in them.

To send your photo(s), please go to :