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Alexandria Point of Sale Support Plans

Phone / Remote support is available from Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 5:30pm – Eastern US Time.

E-mail support is available 365 days a year. E-mails are answered within 24 hours.
You always have our support when you need it.

Support Features E-mail Support Plan Phone / Remote Assistance
E-mail Communication small-checkmark small-checkmark
Phone Communication false small-checkmark
Remote Assistance false small-checkmark
Immediate Response Time if requested false small-checkmark
Unlimited number of tickets per month small-checkmark small-checkmark
Work Days and Times 365 days Monday to Friday
9:30am – 5:30pm EST
Plan Term E-mail Support
Plan Pricing
Phone / Remote
Assistance Plan Pricing
Weekly Plan $12.00 first week and then $4.00 per Week $29.00 first week and then $8.00 per Week
Monthly Plan $24.00 first month and then $9.00 per Month $49.00 first month and then $19.00 per Month
Semi-Annual Plan $45.00 first 6 months and then $33.00 every 6 Months $90.00 first 6 months and then $72.00 every 6 Months
Annual Plan $72.00 first Year and then $48.00 per Year $144.00 first Year and then $108.00 per Year



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