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★★★★★ “Spectacular – POS Maid provides users with practically all the tools necessary to run a business. With simple operation and a surprising feature set, business owners will be pleased with this tool. We jumped directly into operating our test business thanks to the program’s smooth, professional layout and its frequent pop-up screens featuring instruction. We were impressed with how easy building a database of inventory and

company information was when we filled out some simple wizard-like menus. An invoice was prepared and ready to print in a few minutes after we inserted a few key pieces of customer information. All of the math, including taxes, was automatically added, ensuring accuracy, which we found very valuable. All customer and business information was saved into a database that let us run comprehensive business reports with a few simple clicks. The program even has a feature to track employee work hours and tally up their paychecks, which

pleasantly surprised us. While breezing through the various elements, we easily pictured this program working in tandem with a cash register at a small business. POS Maid offers a short 20-invoice trial. It installs as a compressed ZIP file. We highly recommend this program, especially to small business owners.”

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★★★★★ “Restaurant Maid has been a member of our team for almost three years. after searching several POS systems we settled on RM because of the price (unbelievable priced at $99) and because of all the features. Some POS would have time clocks but no table maps, others would have table maps but no inventory control, others had it all but were not compatible with hardware. Restaurant Maid has a very clean user interface which makes it a breeze to use even without the expensive touch screen hardware. One night we had a very drunk guest drop a lot of very expensive whiskey in our very inexpensive keyboard, after a couple of keystrokes the thing stopped working, lucky for us we could still use the system thanks to the onscreen keyboard function. Alexandria must of had this drunk man in mind when they put that feature in. It saved our night!Only glitch we had with the software was at first run. We could not see the LOG-IN button due to screen resolution issues. We sent in a ticket and it was answered the very same day. Turns out the answer to our issue was in the FAQs section on the website. I fully recommend this software. Price is incredible. Documentation is very good and the support is there.”
Miguel DeQuevedo, Home Inc.
★★★★★ “Great product, easy to use, great price! Very easy to use and setup, can be used on any standard pc. I have been using it in a busy barber shop for a few years, never faulted. Very easy to train new staff on. Just make sure it is in the startup folder in windows and when pc comes on it will go straight to the front log in screen! Looked at various products but this one is so simple and online videos to help you set it all up. I use an epson tm88iv usb receipt printer with the windows driver, works perfect. Also using it on windows 8, no problems so far. RECOMMEND!!”
Michael Gordon, Barbers 555
★★★★★ “Fantastic product, thank you alexandria!! Easy to use, and great people to deal with.I’m far from a geek. Unfortunately, had sales and inventory control of a small store my wife and I own dropped in my lap when my brother, who handled such stuff, had a heart attack last June. I was in a panic, for months, could not afford to hire professional help to get things in order. I experimented with a few other sample programs and they were just “over my head”. This software is perfect for our “mom and pop” operation. Suit’s our purpose perfectly. I was able to get our 1,100 item inventory under control in a

few days. Thank You Alexandria.”

Daniel Kurmas, Basic Earth Elements
★★★★★ “Exactly what I needed!!!! Easy to install, easy to learn, tutorials are helpful and straightforward, Many options for inventory, setting up sales tax when needed and eliminating it when not needed. I really like the low inventory alerts so I can easily make my re-order list for different vendors.End of day reports are simple yet detailed with everything I need. My accountant likes the fact that I can produce a report that distinguishes between amount of services vs. retail products.”
Anissa Gruendler, Dr. Anissa's Nutrition & Wellness Center
★★★★★ “Fabulous Product for any small to medium sized Company. Superbly functional!Great Stock Management Features.Love the import and export capabilities to Excel. Made setup a breeze!Fabulous functionality for the the price! could not find any other S/W at this price to match the capabilities.Very easy to use, I set everything up in 10 minutes then I decided to look at the Tutorials or videos to make sure I had it setup correctly, I had..The software gives you great feedback with regards to the replenishment of Stock etc, and the time stamped reports are great for determining your Sales levels and products sold. Good canned report capabilities!”
Leona Bell, Glitzcraft
★★★★★ “I have been using Restaurant Maid since I first opened my bar in 2008.I choose Restaurant Maid because it offered tons of flexibility in customizing the software to meet the specific needs of my business. It is exceptionally affordable for what you get. It is not a stripped down, no option software, just the opposite, it’s loaded with options! It is extremely user friendly when it comes to setup and use. The inventory control and report

features are awesome and help my business run smoothly. Another thing that I liked about the software was the flexibility of being able to select from a wide variety of hardware. You are not stuck to one expensive system; you can build a system that fits your needs and budget. The system is quick and keeps up without hesitation. The number one feature that has kept me loyal to Restaurant Maid is the stability of the system. We have three stations and none of them have ever crashed, not even during our busiest nights when they are being used constantly! The only issue I have with the system is; If the printer runs out of paper, the

drawer will not open until the paper roll is replaced. Not a big issue, simple soultion, keep a few extra rolls of paper by the printer. Changing the paper takes all of 2 seconds.Our business relies on our POS systems to survive and grow, and Restaurant Maid has helped our business grow. I recommend it, you won’t regret it.I love this system and have confidently recommended it to a few friends who love it. If you have any questions customer service is great and the support section on the wedsite is awsome. 4 plus years and counting!”

Adrian Guerra, 22Thirty9
★★★★★ “I searched for so many POS software but nothing compare how this one looked and reading how easy it was…did I mention how cheap it was compare to others.I have it quite a while and so far no complains at all. I can train new poeple with no problems. Recomend more then 100%”
Yicauri Diaz


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