Applicable to all resellers, regardless of the way they obtained the license (i.e. one-by-one, purchased at regular price, purchased enterprise license, etc…)


Under no circumstances you or anyone else in your company is to disclose to any outside entities the price for which you receive our software. If asked about your cost to acquire our software as our reseller, you can always decline to answer or simply answer that the information of the price at which you acquire our software licenses is confidential and it is information under a non-disclosure agreement and you cannot discuss it with anyone outside of your own company.


You will be limited to selling the software for a minimum price of the exact selling price of the software on our website (on In other words if on our website, POS Maid is sold for $59 ; Restaurant Maid for $99 and Salon Maid for $99, then the reseller that receives our POS software for less than these prices, cannot sell POS Maid for less than $59; Restaurant Maid for less than $99 and Salon Maid for less than $99.