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POS Maid version 2.354

POS MAID is a Retail Software, highly recommended for general merchandise retail stores, such as: Grocery store, Bakery, Clothing store, Dollar store, Vape Shop, Auto/Car Sales, Vitamin store, Pet store, Sporting goods store, Electronics store, Computer store, Cell phone dealer, Toy store, Coffee shop, Newspaper / Magazine stand, Gift / Souvenir store, Gift shop, Book store and many other retail businesses.

Our POS Software, as a bonus (free of charge), integrates with Cayan, X-Charge and ChargeItPro – in order to meet all of your Point of Sale Credit Card processing needs.

365 days a year Support, Life-Time License, free Updates, Video Tutorials, Vast Knowledge-base.

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Retail Software With Great Retail POS Software Features

Our retail pos software POS Maid, is one of the lowest priced items in the retail pos software industry. If you are looking for retail management software, POS Maid has extras that will help you manage both employees and customers, better than any of the other retail software systems out there. Some of these extras that you may not find in other retail business software, but come standard in our POS Software include, but are not limited to Accounting, Time-Clock, Payroll and other important components. What is even more amazing, our software for retail POS Maid, includes these extras at no additional cost, while many competitors, in the retail point of sale software world, sell them separately from their POS Software. If retail inventory software is what you need, no problem, POS Maid will do the best job. Aside from the more standard Inventory features that are more common for POS Software, our retailers software also offers low stock alerts on items that you specify and on the quantity that you specify, to make your retail pos system even better.

Another Inventory feature, that you may not find in most retail pos systems, but our POS Software has as standard, is quantity tracking and control that is in decimals, which are helpful for measurements in sales by weight and length. Our retail sale software tracks inventory in multiple warehouses/locations, with flexible taxes setup on each item. So you see, when you need powerful inventory control from your retail sale software, it is POS Maid that you need.Perhaps one of the most surprising options in our retail management software is the multiple sales taxes option, which allows our retail pos software to be usable in every state and region in the world, where other retail software systems would be incompatible. POS Maid, is one of the rare retail business software products, that supports all world currencies. What’s even more amazing, if your currency is not already available in our retail management software, you can easily add it yourself, with our “add currency tool”.

And when we are speaking of international compatibility in retail software systems, our retail pos software supports both U.S. and international date, address and telephone formats.Not many retail software products have customer tabs or customer credit option and yes, you guessed it, our retail pos software has this feature. Of course we would not even consider our retail management software complete without our easy return and layaway options. Many products that come in your business inventory may not have barcode labels, from their manufacturers, that is why our retail business software has a comprehensive barcode and barcode label printing tool, that will make any and all retail management software systems ready for this challenge.

When it comes to taking care of your employee’s needs, our retail software has you covered ,like no other POS Software ,with features like employee management and tracking, employee commission and hourly pay and a time clock. Also in connection with those features, our POS Software also provides a payroll feature that will calculate your employees’ salaries and print their check stubs, which would make other retail pos software obsolete. These check stubs break down the hours and/or commission totals including calculation of deductions and therefore in our opinion are a must in any retail management software.