How to choose the right POS or Receipt Printer ?

The printer technology for most of us (home/office users), generally boils down to two technologies: laser and ink-jet printing. However, in the Point of Sale industry, the printer technology has two different dominant choices, which are a great unknown to most novices. The choices in the POS printer technology are : thermal and dot-matrix. Yes, you heard right, dot-matrix, one of the oldest (if not the oldest) printing technologies in home and office printers, which was long abandoned in the office/home computer industry. So why are these two choices different in the home/office industry and in the point of sale industry ? First let's concentrate on the benefits / drawbacks and differences between thermal and dot-matrix and the special needs of the point of sale industry and that will actually answer the question of why these technologies are different in the POS industry comparing to the home/office computer industry ... Thermal Printers are probably almost always the obvious choice for all retail and fast paced establishments that operate under normal circumstances. Thermal POS printers, print by burning on the paper with a hot printing head. Special thermal paper is used so that the burning has sharp edges and high resolution impressions can be made. The thermal technology offers these advantages: - Fast, really fast printing, faster than laser - Quiet, really quiet printing, quieter than laser - High resolution, really high resolution - No need to change the toner or ribbon, no ink to run out of, nothing to replace but paper Drawbacks: - Thermal paper is really sensitive to heat (because of its properties to be very responsive to the hot printing head). So if you work outside, on warmer days or in a [...]