Change Log

Ver. 2.353

– Based on very popular demand, we have expanded the 3 end-messages at the bottom of the receipt, to an infinite text capability, instead of them just being one-line messages. So you can use these receipt end-messages for much larger text now, as large as you need it. You can fit promotions, detailed return policies, warranty policies at the end of the receipt.

– We have added the feature of editing/changing/swapping or assigning new pictures to the Quick Buttons ‘on-the-go’ or ‘on-the-fly’, without having to delete the quickbuttons, but simply edit them by clicking the edit button.

– The Cash Drawer Counting Tool now has an option to Save the over-night drawer balance, as the starting balance for the new day. You can Edit and Save this balance now, with a date/time stamp of the change, in drawer starting balance.

– We have fixed a discrepancy in the profit reports calculation for uncommon situations of credit card payments with insufficient funds or credit on the side of the customer and a scenario of not a full, but a partial amount approval being processed on the customer’s card. The profit reports will now accurately reflect such partial approval events.

– Improved and simplified the task of reaching TLS 1.2 compliance for the Cayan integration.

– Improved and simplified the Cayan Genius Terminal integration setup. It is much easier to setup this great terminal and get started with all it has to offer.

– Improved the Search Inventory function for cases where the search results are too many and exceed one-page-view, this feature will now smoothly scroll up/down the two windows in perfect synchronization.

– We’ve added the much requested feature of Editing Quantity on-the-go, after an item has been scanned, for Pos Maid for faster retail operations, in busy environments.

– Pos Maid and Restaurant Maid now have a feature that used to be only available for Salon Maid, which is the feature to ‘Import Customer Info from Excel”.

– For Restaurant Maid, we have now added the highly demanded feature for Recipe/Ingredient Deduction. This feature allows you to set a list of items that are existing in inventory for any item in inventory to deduct from when being sold. Example : If you sell the item Cheese Burger, you can set up that item in inventory to deduct: (qty 0.25) lbs Ground Meat, (qty 1) Burger Bun, (qty 0.05) lbs Cheese, etc.

– We’ve added a new feature for Restaurant Maid, which in the process of the checkout can shorten the tickets for a smaller and easier to read receipt. Example : If someone orders 3 beers [not all at once, but consecutively] among other items, then the 3 beers will be put in one line at checkout with quantity 3, instead of them being in three separate lines with quantity 1 at each line. Of course this, as many other great features, is optional, so you can set the software to shorten receipts in this manner or not to shorten them and leave them to print items exactly as they were ordered.

– Although it is important to mention about the above new feature that upon upgrading to this new version of the software this setting will be turned ‘ON’, so the Restaurant Maid program will start shortening receipts in this manner by default and if you do not like this, you will need to go to Setup> ‘Invoice / Receipt Setup’ and change this to your preferred mode of work.

– For Restaurant Maid, we have added a separate setting for the font type and font size used in the kitchen and bar order printout/slip. This is response to ever growing requests to separate the font settings between these order printouts and the actual cash register final receipt, since many businesses expressed the need to have kitchen/bar order printouts that have larger font size so to be easier to read from far.

– For Restaurant Maid, we have made it possible now to turn ON/OFF the Waiter Copy of each order, as the waiter orders items from the kitchen and bar. Even though we thought of this as necessary, for each waiter to have a copy of what they ordered from the kitchen/bar, some establishments insist that this causes redundancy to the way their business is setup to work and the requests to have a choice to turn OFF/ON the Waiter Copy printing of each kitchen/bar order, have been very popular for some time.

– We’ve added a ‘View Total’ feature & button, in the table view and the pickup/delivery ordering screen, for Restaurant Maid.

– Made the Salon Maid software not allow / prevent users from mistakenly double or triple scheduling employees for their work-time (day at work) on a certain date, on the appointment grid.

– Fixed a problem with automated sales restriction (more specifically with restricting days of the week for an automated sale feature).

Ver. 2.352

– Pos Maid now has a feature of Automated discounts, like BOGO (Buy One Get One X% OFF), they are fully customizable and automated.

– Our Cayan Credit Card Processing Integration is now certified for their new mobile/wireless device.

– Our ChargeItPro Credit Card Processing Integration is now EMV ready & certified

– All of our Software titles now support the Pole Display communication protocol known as EPSON D202. We used to only support EPSON D101. Now that both EPSON D101 and D202 modes of communication are supported, our software supports virtually ALL pole displays or customer displays on the market, because virtually all of the displays in the industry, work with the one or the other Epson communications protocol (if it is not D101, they’ll support D202 and the other way around).

– The pole display feature, now shows the ‘Cash Collected’ and ‘Change Due’ info at the end of a cash sale.

– Added a short note to inform the user of the number of failed recipients in a case of mass SMS sending job.

– As of 3/27/2017 we no longer work with Mercury due to their acquisition by Vantiv and our substantial differences in vision with the later company.

– There was a bug in the discount calculation for percentage coupons with restrictions (fixed price coupons and no restriction coupons, were not affected). This bug has been fixed now.

– Fixed a problem with editing the invoice number in ‘Setup’ > ‘Main Setup’.

– In POS MAID we fixed a problem with sending SMS messages to a Mailing List.

– In Salon Maid, we fixed a problem with commission and tip calculation in transactions refunded under very specific circumstances.

– In Salon Maid, we fixed an issue that stopped the feature of Customer Import from an Excel table if duplicate entries were found. Now the duplicates will be avoided as they were before, but the feature will continue the import to the end of the excel file, instead of halting at the first duplicate record.

– In Salon Maid and POS Maid, we fixed an intermittent issue with showing of the usage of Membership Packages and Service Packages.

Ver. 2.35

– Shortcut Function Keys are here:

F1 – Tender
F2 – Clear All
F3 – Print Last Invoice
F4 – Log-Out

F5 – Cash
F6 – Charge
F7 – Check
F8 – Multiple Funding

F9 – Gift Receipt

– Both Browse Confidential Inventory Data and Browse Non-Confidential Inventory Data reports now include the Sale Price or Retail Price of each item.

– The ‘Mailing Lists’ feature can now send email and/or SMS messages to the compiled lists, to better serve any modest small marketing needs for reaching out to your existing clients.

– POS Maid now prints the balance due on the layaway deposit receipts.

– POS Maid can now import picture file paths for your products, through the Excel Inventory Import feature, used for massive inventory imports.

– In Restaurant Maid, the option for adding ‘Service Charge’ to the bill was added to the Order Menu as well [it used to be only available on the main checkout screen before].

– This version/release of the software is a major overhaul of Salon Maid. It has the most changes and improvements for Salon Maid, read on…

– A complete re-build of the section for Scheduling and Appointments in Salon Maid:

– Border-free and Grid-free table-view.

– The employee work time and off time are clearly defined now with different colors on the grid.

– You can no longer schedule appointments by accident, which are out of the bounds of the working time of your establishment.

– There is a warning system in place if someone tries to schedule a client when the certain employee is not working (however for flexibility reasons, over-riding this is always an option, by simply ignoring this warning).

– The appointments are color coded now for easier graphical view in the appointment grid. The user has the option to customize this choice of colors assigned to each specific service.

– There is a new feature for placing a check-mark on an appointment. We leave it to you to decide what the check-mark will mean in your business (it can be useful to mark which person has arrived in your salon and awaiting for their appointment or it could mean which client is done or checked out, etc.)

– An Edit button was added for editing appointments in the Salon Maid Appointments section.

– Now the Salon Maid Appointments section, has a new comprehensive feature of employee scheduling.

– The time off (including breaks) and the working time are color coded now.

– The Salon Maid Appointments section, is now capable of sending email and SMS alerts/reminders to your clients for their upcoming appointments.

– The Salon Maid Appointments section, now has a Check-out button, so you can easily checkout finished appointments.

– Backed by popular demands, now the Salon Maid Software can take multiple salespeople in one single sale/invoice.

– Due to the above new feature, also commission and TIPs can now be properly portioned and divided among multiple salespeople that are involved in one single sale/invoice. (for Salon Maid)

– In Salon Maid, the commission rules, which so far generously allowed you to assign a different commission amount for each item in Inventory, were not enough for many of our users and based on popular demands, we have expanded the commission rules capabilities to also allow different levels of commission for different employees. So now not only that you are able to assign different commission based on each different item or service in inventory, but you are also able to set different levels of commission for different employees, so your employees do not get equal commission, if that is your need.

– We have now added a “Import Customer Info from Excel” feature for Salon Maid.

– Fixed an intermittent problem with calculating profits for international tax users.

– Fixed a problem with coupons, using a percent discount.

– Fixed a problem with Mercury’s newest credit card processing integration, called BlackLine.

Ver. 2.349

– A new Mercury Integration is here. The new way of integrating to Mercury Pay is called Blackline. Blackline offers very nice and technologically advanced terminals for payment processing and it will allow the users to implement and setup the integration much easier than the previous solution that we used to offer.

– The Multiple Line Refund option is here. So far there were only two refund options: to refund the entire invoice and/or to refund one single line on the invoice. The Multiple Line Refund would be the third option to this area.

– Uncluster Quantity button/feature was added to the refund screen, in order to facilitate partial quantity returns of a clustered quantity line on a invoice.

– Fixed a problem with printing of modifiers in Kitchen and Bar for ‘fast food’ or ‘quick serve’ style of ordering from the main screen.

– Fixed a rare occurring problem with Exporting to Excel for instances of data that contain certain reserved characters in Excel.

Ver. 2.348

– Our Cayan and OpenEdge / X-Charge Credit Card processing Integrations can handle Partial Approvals from now on.

– In Restaurant Maid, the kitchen and bar printers now print the server’s full name, instead of just the server’s employee number, so the cooks and bartenders will know who’s order is up.

– In Restaurant Maid, we fixed a problem with item columns not synchronizing in the table order menu.

– In reports, the credit card processing transaction log, now can filter results by date.

– Pre-Authorization / Post-Authorization Tips are here for our largest processors Cayan/MerchantWarehouse and X-Charge/OpenEdge. Which means our users can add tips to the transaction, after the customer leaves as well.

– Our Cayan and OpenEdge/X-Charge Credit Card processing Integrations are now Certified to be EMV Compatible, for the coming Visa and MasterCard Mandate in October. EMV processing stands for Europay MasterCard Visa, also referred to as “Chip and PIN” or “chip cards” and is applicable for US merchants only.

– Due to overly popular demands, the receipt printing in Restaurant Maid will no longer print two lines per item (one line showing ItemID and the other line showing Description). It seems this is overly redundant for the Restaurant industry and makes it seem as if each item is printed twice since usually the ItemID and Description are the same or very similar text in the Restaurant businesses. From this version the receipts will contain only one line per item, containing the quantity, the Item Description and the price.

– In the Close Register / General Report, we have added a help link (in the form of a ‘?’ – question mark) to the right of every one of the complex totals, in order to thoroughly explain how the particular total came about, for any instances where the user feels this is necessary.

– The Database Repair function was removed from the Data menu and removed from the access of the end-user. However, it was embedded into the program as a permanent function that executes every time the program starts (so the user will not be able to initiate the Database Repair function anymore, but this function will execute automatically every time the software starts and it will check for and fix any data discrepancies in the background while the software operates without disruption). Users with a lot of data may experience slower startups of the software from now on, because of this new way of executing the Database Repair function.

– A time format validation has been added to the Edit feature of the TimeClock Table, to better control time format errors in manual user input.

– We have added a Cancelled Orders Log. In order to curb employee theft in restaurants, but still allow for easy/fast deletion of mistake orders (that were already prepared by the kitchen/bar). Our software now has a “Cancelled Orders Log” feature. This feature allows for a faster and easier deletion of placed orders, in just a few clicks; however, in order to keep everyone accountable, it requires the appropriate credentials/permissions and it logs the event for later review by higher management.

– Due to the overwhelming requests of our users, now our software won’t print two receipt copies for credit card transactions done with a separate machine/brick on the side (non-integrated processing). This is our new norm because of the assumption that the separate machine/brick on the side will print its own 1 copy.

– The 3rd Discount option now executes in one line (in the same invoice line as the item it discounts), in order to simplify the invoice and simplify returns/refunds if and when they occur on such discounted products.

– Added the official verbiage for credit card transaction receipts under the signature line : ‘Buyer agrees to pay total amount above according to cardholder’s agreement with issuer.

– Fixed a problem with splitting bills in Restaurant Maid.

– Fixed a problem which occurred by the event of refunds and reprints of old receipts changing the currently logged-in employee to the employee that made the original sale that was refunded or reprinted.

– Fixed a problem with the profit reports calculation in cases of international tax system usage for use outside of USA (a.k.a. Pre-Sale-Tax insertion).

– Fixed a problem with the Update button not showing up on Customer Records menu.

– Fixed an issue with adding a quantity with decimal value in inventory.

– Fixed an intermittent problem in the Quick Button Setup, with moving of existing buttons.

– Fixed a problem with the ‘Delete’ credentials check-box for employee permissions in employee setup.

– There was a printing problem for Letter size (8.5in x 11in) and A4 format printers, where the printing of more than 17 lines would not print all the lines on an invoice, this is fixed now.

– As the Antivirus and Anti-spyware industry is growing to be more ‘paranoid’ instead of exact and efficient at detecting real threats, users of various software everywhere, which have certain anti-spyware programs and under certain ‘paranoid’ settings, have experienced confusing messages from their anti-spyware programs with many different desktop software programs (among which is our software). The confusion arises from the fact that a regular, clean and legit desktop program, like ours, may need to access the Internet and get some up-to-date information. For this action, some new anti-spyware programs using ‘paranoid’ settings, will report every Internet activity of a desktop program as ‘suspicious activity’ and a possible threat of spyware or other malware. Our own software, so far, used to access the Internet on regular basis, to be exact our software accessed only our own website via the Internet to do automatic check for Updates and let you know if there are any new updates. Novice users, out of lack of IT knowledge and understanding, see these possible general and generic, paranoid messages of ‘suspicious activity’ as a sure sign of ‘virus’ or ‘spyware’ and then they think the software in question has a virus, after which it is very difficult to regain their trust and there is great confusion that remains uncleared. In order to adjust to this new way of working of the newer Antivirus and Anti-spyware programs, where they are more paranoid, then useful and they report every use of the Internet from a desktop program as ‘suspicious activity’ and confuse Novice users with these messages, we simply removed the software’s capability to check for Updates automatically. Now the user needs to initiate the update-checking process, by simply going to the ‘About’ section and clicking ‘Check for Updates’ Please note that even now with no automatic update checking, on certain newer Antivirus and Anti-spyware programs, when you manually initiate a ‘Check for Updates’ and our software accesses our website to check for updates, this use of the Internet by our software to access a website, may still trigger a general, generic, paranoid message from your Antivirus or Anti-spyware program of the likes of ‘suspicious behavior’, ‘suspicious activity’, etc…

Ver. 2.347

– Pos Maid users can now track Serial Numbers on all inventory (enter/scan serial numbers of stock in inventory and later scan/type serial numbers at sale time).

– Due to the addition of the Serial Numbers feature, for added user convenience, the “look-up past invoices” feature, can also search by serial number now.

– GENIUS TIP (Our software is ready to handle TIPs from the genius device directly. The only thing you have to do to start utilizing the TIP function from the genius device is to call the MerchantWarehouse Tech Support and have them setup your Genius device to prompt for TIPs, have the TIP function enabled on your Genius device. After that you do not need to use the TIP receipt button, because the genius device will ask for the TIP.)

– IMPROVED FULL-SCREEN MODE. NEW/BETTER SCREEN UTILIZATION FOR WIDE SCREENS AND LARGER SCREENS (enlarges buttons and all objects proportionately and utilizes the entire screen area).

– The overwhelmingly popular request to fit more text in the quick buttons has finally been executed as a part of the option mentioned above (Improved Full Screen Mode), so in full screen mode, the buttons get larger and fit more text, meaning the larger your screen, the more text you can fit in the buttons in full screen mode.

– Users can now change and rearrange the order of any Quick Buttons and SubMenu Buttons at any time, with ease.

– Users can now delete any Quick Buttons and SubMenu Buttons, without having to follow any specific order or other restrictions.


– For added user convenience in looking-up past invoices by customer last name, the customer last name is no longer case-sensitive in the search.

– The 2nd Discount option now executes in one line (in the same invoice line as the item it discounts), in order to simplify the invoice and simplify returns/refunds if and when they occur on such discounted products.

– The 1st and the 2nd Discount option now add wording on the screen and the receipt, which shows the customer that they received a discount of a certain amount (the 3rd option did this already, so it remains unchanged in this respect)

– For Restaurant Maid users, the Quick Menu and the Order Menu, merge into one source of data, so they will use the same buttons. Meaning no more creating and maintaining two separate menus (both quick and order menu now have the same content, and they read and are edited from the same data source). So your quick menu and order menu now will merge their data into one same data (both menus will be the same and have same buttons, they will combine – of course you can edit things that you dislike after this merge).

– For Restaurant Maid users, the main sales screen can now PRINT ORDERS to the kitchen and bar as well, which is highly functional for restaurants doing sales that do not require a table and waiter (more like McDonald’s, KFC, SubWay, etc… “fast food” or “quick serve” style of ordering).

– For Restaurant Maid users, the printing to the Receipt printer for the waiter, to the Bar for the bartender and to the Kitchen for the chef, is now determined by class in inventory (what prints and where – to what printer(s) is determined in inventory by the class now), so no
longer is everything printed to all locations (the bar will not get food items any longer printed with the drink order items and also the Kitchen will no longer get drink items in the printout mixed with the food order items. The kitchen will only get food content and bar will only get drink orders. Both new and Existing customers must set these options in inventory for each class and set them accordingly to their desires.

– For Restaurant Maid users, there are two options for Table Invoice or Table Receipt now. You can choose between printing a Table Invoice with a Tip Line OR choose to print a Table Invoice without a Tip Line.

– Fixed a problem in membership packages for Pos Maid and tanning packages for Salon Maid.

– Fixed a problem with receipt printer paper width detection and utilization, which occurred in some receipt printer brands and models.

Ver. 2.346

– CRITICAL BUG FIXED, which existed only in the version 2.345 for a day and a half and caused some sale details not to be recorded under certain circumstances for some users.

Ver. 2.345

– FASTER RECEIPT PRINTING IS HERE! We have succeeded in redeveloping the receipt printing, with newer/smarter logic which speeds up the receipt printing by 45% comparing to our previous versions, meaning the receipt printing now takes only 55% of the time that it used to. Or in simpler terms, the receipt printing time was approximately cut in half.

– Due to the redeveloping of the receipt printing, we now have better resolution on receipt printing (crisper, sharper, higher resolution printing).

– We have also redeveloped the X-Charge integration and achieved shorter wait time (faster communication between our software and X-Charge).

– There was an error in RM and SM with selecting the 3 decimal option, this is fixed now.

– Fixed a few non-critical problems in showing usage of membership packages for PM and tanning packages for SM.

– Now the “Save Ticket” feature has been upgraded to work for networked environments as well (it used to only apply to single PC installation).

– Fixed a small anomaly in the displaying of the state portion of the address in the customer editing menu/feature.

Ver. 2.344

– For PM and SM – Multidimensional Matrix inventory is here (also known in the apparel industry as ‘color/size matrix’, however, this feature can be useful in many industries).

– The Appointments/Reservations features now have an ‘Export to Excel’ option as well.

– The Accounting Reports now show the account name as well, for more information/data to the users, in the Income/Spending report format.

– The Import Inventory from Excel function was completely overhauled…
– It supports .xlsx files too now;
– It also supports final price as an attribute now;
– We have also added the attribute to switch tracking of inventory On/Off in the collection of importable attributes here;
– This feature automatically recognizes the end of the file now, without the user having to mark the
end anymore by entering “End” in the last row;

– We added a new feature named “Backup Now” or “make a Restore Point”, so unlike so far where the only option for a creation of a backup point was chosen by the software automatically, now the user can also instantly make backups or create restore points anytime they feel like doing so.

– The main screen of the software, in the top right corner, now shows the currently logged-in user/employee, by First and Last name.

– In Salon Maid, users can now very easily, in two clicks, assign and change, on the fly, without leaving the main sales screen,who they credit the sale to. This is very useful for large establishments where a receptionist handles the checkout of customers. This is done by clicking the name of the currently logged-in user/employee in the top right corner of the main screen of the software.

– The option in the Inventory menu, named “Fill, Update and Delete Inventory” is now more conveniently re-named to simply “Edit Inventory”.

– Users can now easily Edit and Delete Suppliers and Supplier related data, right from the Edit Inventory menu.

– A problem with the delete button in Employee table was fixed.

– A problem with the TimeClock was fixed.

– Fixed a problem with inaccurate stock count in unique situations where more than one of the same item are rung-up, in separate lines, on the sales screen and then cleared with the button “Clear All”.

– For RM and SM, it was brought to our attention that in a TIP situation, the final receipt omits showing the payment method and customer information, where applicable. We have now fixed this issue.

– PCCharge integration proved to be very difficult, time consuming and expensive for our end users, therefore, we had to discontinue this option and steer the users towards the many better options in our software. All users that already paid and are using this option will be grandfathered in and will not be affected. However we will not accept any new PCCharge accounts anymore from this point on, because through the years of offering this option we have learned that it only brings aggravation to our users and staff.

Ver. 2.343

– Mandatory Critical Update for MerchantWare Credit Card processing users. A rarely occurring, but real problem was uncovered with partial refund scenarios. This version fixes the problem.

– Fixed a problem with percentage discounts when done by scanning a coupon

– The ‘Repair Database’ feature now also fixes accidental duplicate Classes and duplicate ItemIDs in Inventory as well as the rarely occurring ‘No Such Column’ error in Accounting.

– This version also fixes a problem with printing and exporting to Excel of custom reports in some unique scenarios.

Ver. 2.342

– Added a new credit card processing solution “Mercury Pay”.

– We now have an unprecedented 5 solutions for credit card processing : X-Charge, MerchantWare, ChargeItPro, Mercury Pay and PCCharge.

– Fixed an inconvenience with the Multiple Funding option.

– Fixes an intermittent problem with quick menu buttons in networks.

– Addresses an inconvenience in the cash refund of credit card transactions.

– Fixed a problem with printed totals in refund receipts and reprints.

– The transaction log for credit card processing now displays more accurate date/time info.

– The OSK (On-Screen Keyboard) can now run on both 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems.

– There was an error message popping up in “History > Lookup Past Invoices”, when searching for an invoice that does not exist or cannot be found, this error popup did not affect normal operation, however it was inconvenient and confusing, so it was fixed.

Ver. 2.341

– FASTER RECEIPT PRINTING IS HERE! We have succeeded in redeveloping the receipt printing, with newer/smarter logic which speeds up the receipt printing by 57%, meaning the receipt printing now takes only 43% of the time that is used to. Or in simpler terms, the receipt printing time was cut in more than half.

– Fixes an issue for international users, with entry of items after line deletion, in the main sales screen.

– Solved a problem in Custom Reports with Employee based scenario report (when specific employee is selected).

– The pre-swipe TIP receipts in Restaurant Maid and Salon Maid, do not have a signature line anymore, as they were creating confusion with the customers signing and walking away thinking the bill is settled, also this was redundant because the second receipt that has the TIP added and is an actual POST-swipe receipt will have the signature line on it (unless an approved electronic signature pad is used) and the establishment needs only one signed receipt to keep for themselves and the unsigned receipt is given to the customer.

– Fixed a problem with Layaway collection procedure in POS Maid.

Ver. 2.34

– Faster customer search.

– Faster software overall.

– Fixes multiple issues with Edit and Delete in Accounting.

– Fixes an issue with Appointments for international users that do not use the US time format.

– Fixes an intermittent problem with printing a table receipt in RM and printing a saved ticket invoice in PM and SM.

– It was brought to our attention that if a user exits the order menu improperly (without using the back button) the next time they enter the order menu, the table number of the previous table may be displaying. This has been address, so inspite of an improper exit from the order menu, this menu will display the correct table number each and every time.

– Fixes a “punch-out” problem in TimeClock

– Overhaul of the receipt look and content

– Fixes an issue in Quick Buttons Setup where the back button for sub menus doesn’t function.

– Fixes an issue with importing from Excel

Ver. 2.337

– Now the Customized Reports have ItemID and Description columns for the “Product/Service Itemized” report option.

– Faster barcode scanning.

– Faster profit reports compiling.

– Fixed a problem in profit reports for days with deposit sales.

– The three codependent fields in inventory: “markup”, “supplyprice” and “final price” from now on will auto-complete ALWAYS, regardless if the Autocomplete option is ON or OFF in SETUP.

– The profit reports from now on will record and take into account the entire history of supply price changes of any given inventory and not just work based on the currently recorded supply price.

– The software now offers to average a mixed stock supply price entries and gives the user the option of averaging or overwriting with a new price.

– Fixed a compatibility issue with the newest MS Word Label formats.

– New integration options with Merchant Warehouse now allow for a sophisticated terminal manufactured by Verifone (which has a card reader, a keypad for PIN entries, signature capturing touch-screen, can process Gift Cards, can process payments from cell phones, can process with Google Wallet, etc…)

– A full comprehensive Gift Card Processing feature was added and is now available through our integrated processors X-Charge, MerchantWare and ChargeItPro.

– The Credit Card Processing Log / Report was expanded to also show the parameters: “Card Brand”(i.e.Visa,MasterCard,

Discover) and Payment Type (i.e.Credit,Debit,Gift).

– In Salon Maid, we have fixed a problem with incorrect displaying patterns of certain buttons in the Employee Table, like Add, Update, Delete.

– In Pos Maid and Salon Maid there is a new feature for Saving tickets. Merchants can now Save Tickets. So items can be rung up, removed from inventory properly (so they cannot be sold to anyone else in mean time) and then saved for later completion of the sale.

Ver. 2.336

– Now the software supports USB Pole Displays (check our website for compatible models) (PL-2303 USB to serial)

– In the Appointments feature there is a new improvement which is when you highlight a rectangular selection in the grid, the time and employee automatically fill-out into the respective text boxes. So instead of typing the ‘from’ and ‘to’ time and the employee for the appointment you just drag your mouse over the rectangular area on the appointment grid that represents this time and employee graphically.

– Also in the Appointments feature there is a new “Search” button. This button helps you simply Search for any and all appointments under a certain phone number.

– Fixed an issue with editing manager password in a networked environment.

– Made PCCharge integration’s User names to be more compatible to conventional, default and typical PCCharge usernames for easier integration.

– Fixed an issue with printing a table receipt in Restaurant Maid.

– Fixed an issue with editing of the Employee Time Clock Table.

– The Browse Customer Data in the Customer menu, can be Exported to Excel now. Also the Print feature has been improved to printout even more data.

– The Accounting feature can now be locked and access to it can be controlled for each employee as desired by the manager or admin.

Ver. 2.335

– Added a comprehensive CallerID feature. Now your caller’s name and phone can be on our software screen, as they call and you do not have to type to get it to appear in important windows that use this customer data

– The “time clock table”, also known as “time clock sheets”, can now be printed and exported to Excel

– The “Low Stock” report was completely re-designed to be easier to read

– The “Low Stock” report has the column for Supplier Info added, so the supplier is known right from this report for any low stock product (makes for easier re-ordering)

– The “Low Stock” report can now be exported to Excel as well

– All of the columns in the “Low Stock” report can now be sorted in any way you see fit, to make the report even easier to read

– In the “one column” mailing list printing feature of the “customer menu”, the Font Type and Size can now be changed from the default one

– Fixed a problem with History > Lookup

– Fixed a problem with employee login in network environments

– Fixed a currency formatting compatibility issue with all credit card processing integrated solutions for transaction amounts over $999.99

– All credit card processing integrated solutions are now protected against the user error of an early swipe, which would have caused inconvenience in past versions

– Fixed a problem with deleting coupons and editing coupons in the coupon designer

Ver. 2.334

– It was recently discovered that when users improperly use the software by pressing the <enter> key, numerous times, very fast, during the checkout procedure, with disregard for any notifications on the screen, a duplicating transaction is possible by this improper use of the software. We have now misuse-proofed the software even further by making this scenario impossible. So even if a user improperly uses the software as described above, there will not be any duplicate transactions resulting from this improper use.

– In Salon Maid there was a problem with receipts being printed with missing company name and address, we have now fixed this issue.

– You do not have to manually enter all of the quick menu buttons for all of your PCs in a network anymore (one PC at a time). We have now made it possible for all PCs in a network to simply use the main PC’s (the server’s) buttons. So buttons are now shared over the network.

– Close Register Report now has options to include or exclude different Registers from the Report. So when you do your next close register report you can choose which registers it is for.

– We’ve improved the Excel Import Function. You can now use it continuously to update inventory as well, not just as a one-time function to add the inventory initially. It will simply update the stock of the product (add to it), if it finds the product to be existing and already in inventory.

– We have added a “Skip Screen” button to the Customer Info screen now, to allow you to bypass the Customer Info screen for instances when you do not want to collect the Customer Info, but you do not want to turn off the feature all together.

Ver. 2.333

– We have fixed the problem with the quantity tracking in inventory, which affected 2.332 version users.

– We have added an easier way to setup your credit card processor in ‘Setup’, ‘Credit Card Processing Setup’.

– We have fixed a problem with the way the software communicates with serial ports on your PC, which in turn fixes potential problems in working with pole displays, weight scales and tanning bed timers.

– We have fixed a problem with the PCCharge credit card processing integration, which affected 2.33 version users.

– We have added a new report “Card Processing Transaction Log”, which will keep greater details of each Card Processing Transaction.

– We have fixed a problem with the reprint last invoice option and refund printing, which affected 2.33 version users.

Ver. 2.332

– Speeds up the receipt printing wait time significantly.

– Fixes a bug in the Appointments feature.

– The Backup feature was overhauled and is now more sophisticated than ever. This feature will now keep the last 51 states of your system, so if and when a data disaster happens, you will have 51 points in history to roll the system back to. You can easily restore your data with this new feature “Data”>”Data Restore Points”.

– Fixes a problem with customer addresses not printing on receipts.

– Fixes a problem in the Custom Reports feature.

– Speeds up the Custom Reports feature.

– Enables more sorting options in the Custom Reports feature (each column can be sorted now).

– New, better and easier to read look for the displaying and printing of the Custom Reports.

– Fixes a problem in Table Setup and Floor View ordering for Restaurant Maid.

– Encrypts your data for higher security.

Ver. 2.331

– Speeds up the software extremely. We have managed to improve the overall speed and performance of the software by 44 times comparing to version 2.29 – which was the fastest version to date so far.
– The new/recent switch to the SQL CE and ACCDB database files that the versions 2.3 through 2.323 utilized so far, proved to be under-performing database for networks and very slow overall.
– This new version of the software (2.33) incorporates a new database (SQLite) that is far more superior than the older ones.

Ver. 2.323

– Speeds up the software. Improves the overall performance of the software.
– Fixes an issue with the markup calculating precision, in Inventory.
– Fixes an issue with the Invoice/Receipt Setup “Submit Changes” button.
– Fixes an issue with the Customer Info form not clearing the fields between sales.

Ver. 2.322

– Fixes issues with the time formatting and Deleting of records in the Walking/Waiting List feature in RM and SM.
– Fixes issues with the Database Repair Feature for RM.
– Fixes issue with the creation of Order Menu button #18 for RM.
– Fixes issue with the “Close Register/General Reports”.
– Fixes a few other small issues and inconveniences.

Ver. 2.32

– The new/recent switch to the SQL CE database that the versions 2.3 through 2.318 utilized so far,
proved to be an underperforming database for networks. Therefore there were some intermitent errors
that users in networks experienced and took a while to figured out. In the end it turned out to be
the SQL CE database.- This new version of the software (2.32) incorporates a new database that is far more superior
than the older one in networks.- Once you upgrade to this newer version, if you had experienced intermitent errors in the past,
they should not occur anymore.

– Furthermore, after you upgrade, you need to go to “Data > Upgrade Database > From ver.2.3” to
transfer your old data from the old database to the new one.

Ver. 2.318

– We have placed a new Unhandled Error procedure :

– so no error goes undetected/unreported in the future or without an error message
– in an event of an error the system should not just shut down, but it will try to continue running if possible (depending on the nature of the problem)

– We have fixed a problem with printing of large paper Invoices on computers with lower resolution.

– We have fixed a problem with Multiple funding when Credit Card Transactions are involved in the multiple funds.

– In Restaurant Maid we have fixed a problem with the “Split this Bill” option.

– In Restaurant Maid we have fixed a problem with the “PICKUP/DELIVERY” option.

– Restaurant Maid has a new feature in the “Floor Table View” screen, where the screen auto-updates every second, so you do not have to reload this screen to notice changes done by other terminals in the network.

– We have fixed a problem with refunding to Credit Cards.

Ver. 2.317

– We have fixed a problem with upgrading the database from 2.29 to 2.317

– We have fixed a problem with TIPS/Gratuity in Restaurant Maid

– We have fixed a problem with the format entry of the TimeClock feature

Ver. 2.316

– Now the software is compatible with X-web, the newest CC processor of X-Charge

– Now the software will proportionately and automatically resize and center your
logo image for printing on the receipts.

– We have improved the aligning of the Profit Report printing

– We have fixed an issue with the Edit Price Button

– We have fixed an issue with the Delete a line Button

– We have fixed an issue with the selection of the printers in the area:
“Hardware Setup” > “Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer settings”.

– We have fixed an issue with the “Setup” > “Invoice/Receipt Setup” menu

– We have fixed an issue with the “Reports” > “customized” > “employee” section

– We have fixed an issue with the “Reports” > “customized” > “customer” section

– We have fixed an issue with the look up past invoices feature

– We have fixed an issue with the Refunding of invoices or selected items

– We have fixed an issue with the Adding / Updating items in Inventory

– We have fixed an issue with Adding and Updating Inventory

Ver. 2.315

– The new 2.315 version of the software can now run on even smaller screen resolutions.

– Instead of 1024×768 being the lowest required resolution, we have made it possible
for the software to run on smaller resolutions such as 1024×720 and 1024×600.

– This makes our software capable of running on PC tablets/mobile/pocket devices
with screens as small as 6″ (Not all 6 inch screens, but that ones that are
sophisticated enough to achieve 1024×600 resolution).

– So the minimum resolution to run this software now is 1024×600, however, remember the
Operating system requirement is still any version of Windows XP, Windows Server 2003,
Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7.

Ver. 2.314

– Now Inventory Classes can be Deleted and Edited.

– Now users can customize the time-span of the grid in the Appointments/Reservations feature.

– All customer data (Including ALL comments) from the Customer Data Screen can be printed now.

– The Cash Collection screen :
– is enlarged now with lager fonts that are easier to read.
– has an on-screen numeric key-pad (the full on-screen keyboard is still there as an option).
– has all bill denominations as ready buttons for easier amount entry.

– An intermittent problem with multiple employee log-ins was also fixed.

– In an event of a network hardware failure or if the shared database location in a networked environment
is not available for whatever reason, there is a troubleshooting menu now that gives user-friendly
options for dealing with this scenario.

Ver. 2.313

– Fixed a problem with PCCharge 5.10 integration.

– Fixed a problem with selecting new credit card processors.

– Improved calendar functionality in all applicable date entry fields of the software.

– New and improved OSK (on-screen-keyboard) in all applicable text entry fields of the software.

Ver. 2.3

– The full Installation Download file for the software is now only 5MB in size and downloads on most PCs, with a broadband connection, in 3 seconds or less.

– The Installation of the software was completely redone, to be more hassle free, so there won’t be any annoying and redundant prompts anymore.

– The software now can be installed on any drive, in any folder/path, it doesn’t have to strictly reside in C:\POS anymore in order to function properly.

– The software now utilizes an SQL database (of the SQL Server Compact 3.5 format, to be exact) and does not deal with the old technology of utilizing the MDB Access database files for its data storing purposes anymore. So the Access .MDB database technology was completely replaced with SQL database technology.

– The complete software was re-written to accommodate SQL functions when we moved away from MDB to SQL files for data storage (which was one of the main reasons why this update took longer to release, comparing to our practices int he past).

– The following tables, grids or data views, can now sort the data by alphabetical, numerical and alphanumerical order in any column/parameter (in both ascending and descending order)
– The two “Browse Inventory data” views
– The “Time Clock” table
– The “Browse Customer Data” grid

– Now the Browse Confidential Inventory Data Grid can be Printed to a Printer and it can be Exported to Excel, as well as the Browse Non-Confidential Inventory Data Grid.

– Now the Cash Drawer opens first and then the “change due” window pops-up, so the employee can view the “change due” window with the register open (in previous versions the “change due” window would disappear before the register opened).

– Now the Cash Drawer opens regardless if the printing option is ON or OFF. You can turn OFF printing and the Cash Drawer will still open and function properly now (it is independent from the printing feature).

– The Cash Drawer used to open excessively on every type of transaction in the past (Cash, Check, Charge). Now it opens only for Cash, as should be the case and as pointed out by many merchants the Cash Drawer should not open for Credit Card and Check transactions, where cash is not needed for change nor collected, as that could pose additional security issues. Again, now the Cash Drawer opens for Cash transactions only.

– We have added a report called “Inventory Value” – right now you are just 2-3 clicks away, at any moment, from figuring out your entire total value of inventory on hand. You can view total value per itemID, per Class/Department and grand totals (both Retail value and Cost value) and give this to your accountant for tax purposes in their desired format, as these grids can be Printed to a Printer and Exported to Excel.

– We have fixed the alignment issues in all the report printouts that had issues with alignment of text.

– And many more less noticeable improvements and fixes to old bugs were performed in this version of the software.

– “PCCharge – by VeriFone Inc.” was added as another integrated credit card processing solution, so now there are 3 integrated CC processing solutions and the option to utilize a credit card terminal on the side, as a non-integrated credit card processing solution was removed/disabled for USA users (the rest of the CC processing options remain unchanged).

– For the machines that are connected to the Internet, the software versions starting from 2.31 and higher have the capability to Upgrade/Update themselves automatically and worry free (no more swapping files and cumbersome processes to upgrade manually).

– The multi-language features were removed and the software is now available in the English language only.

Ver. 2.29

– Weigh Scale integration for all scales that support NCI / ECR Serial Communications Protocol (Beta).

– Service Packages management for POS Maid and Tanning Packages management for Salon Maid.

– New and improved Invoice design (redesigned by European award winning graphic designers).

– Integration of the world known and most used “T-Max” – Tanning Bed Timers for Salon Maid (Control up to 256 Tanning Beds through Salon Maid) (Beta).

– Creation and Printing of Coupons / Gift Certificates.

– Better Tax rounding for International taxes (GST,PST,VAT,HST…) and final completion of the inclusion of all possible tax systems in the world. Which will offer international users the much needed improvement in the convenience of setting and calculating their final prices.

– More lenient software licensing security system, that will give the users much more leniency then ever to add on and switch hardware on their PCs without loosing their user license out of the security system’s assumption that the software is moved to a different PC. However, we ask all parties, that are informed of this improvement, to keep in mind that there is still a software licensing security in the software, that will work perfectly in stopping piracy and unauthorized use of the software, which security may still give problems to users for changing too much hardware on their PC even if they haven’t changed the PC completely (the improvement is in the fact that now the software’s security system is more lenient, in that it allows for a lot more hardware changes than ever before).

– Now the DEMO versions will run longer before the DEMO expiring. In the past the DEMO allowed for only 10 invoices to be fully tendered (ten legitimate and complete sales to be processed) before stopping the DEMO session. Now that number has been doubled to 20.

– Many additions, as suggested by various users in the past, for a more user friendly resulting software. To all users that have sent us a suggestion(s) and do not see their suggestion(s) implemented in this version, please understand that we simply have too many, as our base of customers is too large and world wide and we have to take these on “first come – first serve” basis. So we hope you will see your suggestion implemented in the next version (if it wasn’t in this one). Otherwise, please also remember that we do reject suggestions, after careful consideration, if we decide that they will not benefit the wide audience of users that we have, but may only benefit a few or even worse one unique user’s wants and needs.

– Many fixes to small bugs and inconveniences to make the software even more user friendly.