Customer Management

Expand by Knowing Your Customers’ Needs

With our software you can easily manage your customers debts, with the option to create Customer Accounts, commonly known as Customer Tabs. You can also browse through your Customer Records, to see what they have been purchasing recently. You can extract Financial Reports based on a certain customer or a specific payee of your interest. Overall, our software lets you expand your business by tracking your customers’ needs and responding accordingly.

Manage Appointments

With our software you can manage your appointments and schedule upcoming events. With our graphical (Gant-Chart Type) appointment and scheduling book, you can make sure you’ll never miss an appointment or anything of interest to you and your business. Double booking and Multi-booking is also available, in case you have several events happening on the same day. With our software you can rest assured that none of your appointments will be overlooked, as it sometimes happens when running a hectic business.

Create Custom Lists from Customer Database

With our software you can compile custom lists, consisting of certain customers, based on different criteria. This means you can create, say, a certain mailing, phone or e-mail list, using the customer database.