Easy To Use Point of Sale

We try to improve the user experience





These are just some of the aspects that make our products easy to use. If you want to find out more detailed features, select the software you prefer.


You don’t adjust to the software, the software adjusts to you.
Customization is an important aspect of our products. That’s why you can easily customize either one of our POS software titles according to your needs and preferences. The option to add “quick menu buttons” and “sub menu buttons”, gives you the opportunity to make sales on the fly. Also the ability to put your company logo on receipts/invoices and on the main screen, helps you raise your brand’s awareness. These are just some of the customization options that are available as a part of our software.


Be in complete control, have everything that matters, in sight.
Overview is having everything at hand – another important aspect of our software. For example, to make it easier for the users, Restaurant Maid lets you design your own floor view with tables and bar, to match your own establishment’s floor set-up. You can create unlimited tables and bar stools, it is really easy to do. Then you can use the bird’s eye view, of your restaurant and bar floor, to monitor your floor properly. There are more features that reinforce this aspect, learn more by selecting your type of software.

User-Expirience-iconUser Experience

Beautifully designed intuitive interface.
One of the most notable differences between our software and the competition, is the design of the interface. We have tried to make it look good, but also we wanted it to work well with the users. This means that the placement and the design, along with the ability to customize your buttons, help you work with less effort and leave you with more time to spend on your customers. Also when a new user first approaches the software, after the basic training they should be able to work with it really well, thanks to the user interface.