Employee Management

Successfully Manage Your Employees

Each employee will first be greeted by the login screen. This allows you to successfully manage and track your employees, as well as track your employees’ sales. Also you can efficiently manage Employee Commission / Hourly Pay and Employee Time Clock. The time clock is integrated to payroll, but also you can easily manage the Time Clock Database table. Having a complete overview on your employees, makes it easier to manage them properly, which in turn could be a huge boost to driving your business forward.

Appointments & Scheduling

With our software you can manage your appointments and schedule upcoming events. With our graphical (Gant-Chart Type) appointment and scheduling book, you can make sure you’ll never miss an appointment or anything of interest to you and your business. Double booking and Multi booking is also available, in case you have several events happening on the same day. With our software you can rest assured that none of your appointments will be overlooked, as it sometimes happens when running a hectic business.

Employee Reports

To complete the overall employee management and overview, in our software we have added the options of Check Stub/Payroll report printing. Also should you wish to see your best/worst performing employees, by sales, you can easily do that by looking at the Financial Reports by Employee.