Installation Instructions

  • Click the download button to download the installation file for our POS software.
    After you have downloaded the installation file, hopefully you remember what location it is downloaded to. The file you have downloaded needs to be started (by simply double-clicking / clicking twice on it).
  • If you do not remember or paid attention to this, you can easily find the location of this freshly-downloaded file on your PC. Simply go to Start > Search and do a search on your whole Computer (usually you designate My Computer as a search area). After you find and know the location folder of the downloaded file, go to it through the My Computer menu or the File Explorer and once you can see this file, start it (by simply double-clicking / clicking twice on it). This will extract and install the program.
  • After the installation, the Point of Sale software will be residing on your PC completely and you can run by double-clicking on the newly created short-cut on your desktop or you can run it from Start > All Programs. Now you are all set and ready to take your business to new heights, please view all of the software video tutorials, which we provide for this POS software, to better understand and learn the software quicker and easier.