POS Hardware Compatibility

A Vast Range of Compatible POS Hardware

We know that hardware/software compatibility can be a major issue, and that’s why we have made our software compatible with virtually all POS Hardware out there. You can install it on POS systems, home desktops, or notebook PC’s – both with touch screens or regular screens. It also supports all of the additional POS equipment such as, barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, PinPad devices, electronic cash drawers, pole displays, regular size printers, small receipt printers and barcode printers.

Use it on a Single PC or in a Network

We have tried to make our software as flexible as possible. This means a lot less hassle for you when setting up the equipment. One of the things we have done when we had versatility in mind was to make our software easy to use on a singe PC or on more computers in a network. In addition to this, you can also control up to 3 printers per PC (receipt printer, report printer and a barcode printer).

On-Screen Keyboard for Touch-screens

Remember when we said our software is really versatile, well this is another example of that. If you have a touch-screen computer, our software will work perfectly with it, you can even use our On-Screen keyboard feature. But, even if you own a regular screen you can still get 100% out of our software.