Complete Overview of Your Financial Info

Complete control of the information is key for every manager. Our software has many options that provide you with reports based on your business. Close register with financial report, cash drawer reconciliation, balancing, plus every type of financial reports, for any date span. You can easily set up your reports by product/service, customer, class/department or by employee. This gives you complete overview of your business, which is something that your manager will surely appreciate. Furthermore you can easily export these and all other reports to Excel.

Daily, Monthly and Annual Reports

Should you wish to see how your business has been doing over the summer or any other period that might interest you, simply set up the date span of that period or check the daily, monthly or annual financial reports. These include Profit reports, Low Stock reports and Business Traffic reports. You can also generate check stub or payroll reports and print them or export them to excel. The good thing about our software’s reports, is that they are totally user customizable, which means you can set them up according to your needs.

Sales History, Look-up and Reprint Options

For statistics, returns, complaints or other needs of looking up customer’s sales and receipts, from the past, you can use our software’s Full History, Look-up and Reprint options.