Restaurant Point of Sale

A Perfect Restaurant POS Solution

In addition to the general POS features we equipped our software with some extra restaurant oriented features. As a matter of fact, we tried to implement everything that is deemed helpful to a restaurant owner, in their day-to-day running of the business. Things like Dine-In sales, Bar sales, Carry-out and Delivery sales are all added, to help you run your business efficiently. Also you have the Service Charge option and the Tip Receipt option, along with the possibility to split any bill into multiple bills.

Design Your Floor View with Tables and a Bar.

Customization is an important aspect of Restaurant Maid. To make it easier for the users, Restaurant Maid lets you design your own floor view, with tables and a bar to match your own establishment’s floor set-up. You can create unlimited tables and bar stools, it is really easy to do. Then you can use the bird’s eye view of your restaurant and bar floor to monitor the situation properly. You can also create custom orders on-the-fly and manage your walk-in or waiting list, while keeping in touch with your chef, with the Kitchen/Bar Messaging system.

On-Screen Keyboard and Unlimited Buttons

For those of you that own a touch screen, you can use the On-Screen keyboard feature. And to make our product even more flexible, we have added more options that let you add unlimited menu buttons, unlimited sub-menu or category buttons and even unlimited modifiers or unlimited modifier buttons.