Salon Point of Sale

A Perfect Salon POS Solution

Salon Maid has it all. In addition to the general POS features, we equipped our software with some extra helpful salon type features. Actually, we tried to add up everything that is deemed useful to a salon owner, in their day-to-day running of the business. Things like Sales, Commission Tracking and Hourly Pay are sure to help you run your business smoothly. Also you have the Gift Receipt option and the Tip Receipt option, along with the possibility of Full Sales History, look-up and reprint options.

Manage Appointments and Customers

We know how important your relationship with your customers is. That is why, in Salon Maid, you can find tons of features that will help you with your customer management. Things like Managing Appointments and Scheduling, with our graphical (gant-chart type) appointment book are made real easy. Double-Booking and Multi-Booking is also available, along with the waiting or walk-in lists that you can easily create. To add even more to the Customer Management side of the software, Salon Maid comes with the option to set Birthday Reminders for your customers.

Manage Service/Tanning Packages and Bundles

With Salon Maid you can easily bundle items and services (i.e. tanning) into membership style – packages, to sell in larger quantities and for the user to spend/use over time. Manage tanning & other service packages, with greatly detailed history of package purchases and package usage. Salon Maid integrates with the world known and most used “T-Max” – tanning bed timers, and it lets you control up to 256 tanning beds. Unlimited customizable “quick-menu buttons” and “sub-menu buttons”, as well as the On-Screen Keyboard for touch screens, can come really handy for easy selling.